List of Schools directory at Edubilla

Edubilla is one of the best leading global education information portal ever, where you can get the lists of schools directory such as,


  1. Pre schools
  2. Kindergarten schools
  3. Middle schools
  4. CBSE schools
  5. Summer schools
  6. international schools
  7. Anglo Indian schools
  8. Online schools
  9. Gymnastic schools
  10. Matriculation schools
  11. Boarding schools
  12. Religious schools

You can get school details of institution name, description, school infrastructure, contact information, basic details and more…



Where Can I Get Training Centers Directory?

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In this largest education platform, you can find all type of training centers details such as

  1. Computer training centers
  2. Yoga training centers
  3. catering training centers
  4. small business training centers
  5. Driving training centers
  6. IAS exam coaching centers
  7. IIM entrance coaching centers
  8. UPSC coaching centers

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Business with Android App

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Global Business Information at Bizbilla

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Global Business information :

  1. Embassies and high commissions
  2. Company directories
  3. Travel agencies
  4. Ministries and departments
  5. Billionaires lists
  6. Sea port details
  7. Worldwide Tradeshow details
  8. Hotel directory
  9. Banned products details
  10. Courier companies
  11. Postal departments
  12. Visa details
  13. Bank details
  14. Chamber of commerce
  15. Countries currency details

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Get Tamil & English Onbooks Directory

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